Offer parameters

12 00016 000

gross / mth.

contract of employment (full-time)

hybrid work
valid for 10 days
(until 17 Jun)
Łódź, Łódź (Poland)
Gdańska 130

Technologies we use



About the project

As a Fullstack PHP Developer, you will join a skilled international team of 40+ developers, working with colleagues from Lodz, Niš, Thessaloniki, and the US, which are now expanding the circle of programmers. Most of your colleagues will be Senior Developers, they will mentor and teach you. You can rely on their experience to build your own programming expertise, build outstanding products, and write high-quality code.
We develop web applications related to sports such as BettingExpert, HLTV, RotoGrinders, and VegasInsider.
Stack and tools:
  • Microservice architecture
  • Backend: REST APIs based on PHP (Symfony 5.4), Node.js + GraphQL
  • Storages: Postgresql, MongoDB, Elastic Search, and Redis
  • Frontend: Angular 15, Web components (Stencil)
  • TDD/BDD, CI/CD (Github, Codeship, AWS)
  • Vagrant for local development
  • JIRA for project management
  • defined release process
  • Your responsibilities

    • Design, develop & maintain code for our platforms to enhance the excellent experience for our users
    • Keep the standards for producing high-quality code
    • Solving complex challenges such as performance, scalability, and security
    • As a programmer, you'll also be responsible for reviewing the code of others in your team
    • Together with your team, you will be delivering releasable increments of the software
    • You will work with your team members from Lodz, Thessaloniki, or Niš
    • Take part in meetings - technical, discussions about architecture and tools we use, you will have your own influence on the team's software development
    • Meet your Lodz team - spend time with us, having chats in the office, or joining the team's calls

    Our requirements

    • In-depth professional experience as a Fullstack Developer - experience in commercial projects, dedicated to users
    • Strong experience with JavaScript and PHP
    • Knowledge of TypeScript
    • Experience with Angular
    • Good knowledge of SQL databases
    • Know how to write clean code
    • And know how to test code
    • Experience in REST API
    • Knowledge of GraphQL
    • Knowledge of GIT, understanding the GIT flow and development flow
    • Knowledge of SEO
    • English to communicate with your team
    • You can boast your own projects
    • You can solve problems yourself
    • You know alternative technologies

    This is how we organize our work

    This is how we work

    in houseyou have influence on the choice of tools and technologiesyou have influence on the technological solutions appliedyou have influence on the productscrum

    This is how we work on a project

    • Clean Code
    • code review
    • BDD
    • TDD
    • Continuous Deployment
    • Continuous Integration

    Recruitment process

    1) (~1h) Meeting with Tech Team Leader who will:
    - ask technical questions
    - tell about our projects
    - answer your questions
    2) Homework:
    - coding task - show off your skills! :)
    - personality quiz (~25min)
    3) (~1h) Feedback and overview session of the homework
    and a phone call with a decision :)

    Equal Opportunity Employer

    We are an equal opportunity employer and take pride in being our true, unconventional selves and treating each other with respect, just as we would with friends. We know that every person matters and that diverse teams help us make better products for our users. We hire for cultural growth and welcome people of all ages, stories, nationalities, religions, backgrounds, ways of thought, etc.
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    What we offer

    • Work agreement with IP tax (50% KUP) or B2B
    • Work in a small team
    • Projects closely related to sports, primarily football
    • Flexible working hours, the possibility of partial remote work (3 days from the office and 2 days from home) or fully remote work.
    • Comfortable 420m2 office
    • Height-adjustable desks, 2x 27" external monitors, MacBook Pro/Lenovo ThinkPad, and additional equipment of your choice
    • Scrum study group
    • Private life insurance for you (Allianz)
    • Health insurance for you and your family (Allianz)
    • Pre-paid Edenred card to co-finance your lunch (in the office or at home)
    • Psychological support
    • Office supplies, food/snacks/sweets & drinks in the office
    • x-box & foosball table in the office

    Recruitment stages

    • 1.
      (~1h) Meeting with Tech Team Leader
    • 2.
    • 3.
      (~1h) Feedback and overview session of the homework


    We are the world’s leading developer of digital platforms for betting tips, bookmaker information, and iGaming communities
    We aim to educate our users to make the most well-informed decisions and increase the level of entertainment by creating more transparency. Technology and innovation are at the core of our processes.
  • More than 2,000+ websites and products
  • Close to 100M visits per month
  • 30+ industry awards
  • I apply to:
    Łódź, Gdańska 130, Łódź (Poland)

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