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PHP Backend Engineer

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home office work • hybrid work
valid for 19 days
(until 9 Apr)
Warszawa, Masovian (Poland)
Kolejowa 5/7

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About the project

We are Clinics Delight - we provide patients with access to the best doctors and clinics around the world. We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer with solid PHP/ Symfony background to contribute to this goal!
People: our team right now is 20 people — not only Software Engineers but the whole team responsible for product development. We all wear many hats and have a say in the final product. If you like working in an early-stage environment, this is something for you.
Product: in our team we are focused on delivering bookings to our customers (both doctors and clinics), helping them to promote their practices and we are helping patients to find the best healthcare support that fits them best. we're building a mediator for an internet telephony system, so not yet another CRUD app. We might not be blockchain-based, but we operate at the junction of healthcare, user experience, and marketing. We found our initial market fit and are now in the growth phase with hundreds of thousands of clients across five markets.
Technology: we have a lot of freedom and use it to manage the technical debt level. This means PHPUnit tests, PHPStan level 8, code sniffer, deptrac, and more. While some areas we'd like to pay closer attention to and refactor continuously. We work with our legacy code as well as with new projects. Right now we are designing distributed architecture for one of our core features.

Your responsibilities

  • You will be a part of the product team working in an agile approach to delivering value to our customers (so no complaining about the "product people,” we’re a team :)
  • Your focus will be backend development (you will have the opportunity to work with others on topics in your area of interest)
  • We expect you to bring in some innovative ideas to the team — you will not always be told what to do next.

Our requirements

  • You have a solid understanding of Object Oriented Programming principles and good knowledge of PHP (or are willing to learn).
  • You know how to test your code.
  • You’re familiar with Domain Driven Design.
  • You worked in a small team before, having ownership over processes: taking the initiative, making decisions, and implementing them. You won’t be just a „small cog in a large machinery.”
  • You have experience with distributed architecture, elasticsearch and database optimizations.

This is how we organize our work

Our tech stack and technical challenges

  • We're working with Symfony 2.8 / 4.4 PHP 7.4.
  • We use some of the following services and more: MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Algolia, ElasticSearch/OpenSearch, RabbitMQ, Redis, Varnish (cache), GitHub & GH Actions and NewRelic as an observability tool.
  • The backend is mostly monolithic system above 1M LOC but we deliver all new features within dedicated / isolated modules.
  • We're following DDD principles, but we're not fanatical about it.
  • We benefit from continuous delivery — we deploy as soon as the code review is complete, and it's all automated.
  • We're splitting up our monolithic codebase into distributed architecture. It is an ongoing process, but there's much to be done.
  • Tables, indexes and query optimizations, pre-calculating data, you name it - the traffic increases, so we're starting to face non-trivial performance issues.

How does Docplanner Tech fit here?

  • At Docplanner Tech we are a diverse group of over 400 people working in Engineering, Data, and Product teams. We are responsible for building the product for all locations. Many of us have been here for over 5 years, yet we still welcome each new person with great joy and excitement.
  • We could tell you about us, but we will let our reviews on Glassdoor speak for themselves.

Because it feels good to tell your family and your friends how you made the world a little bit better. You go to bed knowing that what you do matters, and that your talents align with your beliefs.
We want to make the healthcare experience more human, and that starts with you being you. We believe that taking the diversity of human experience into account makes a better healthcare experience for all . We’re not just different: we embrace diversity. We will encourage you to come to work your whole self, and that includes not coming to the office at all if you prefer not to, as we're 100% remote friendly.
We are leaders in 13 countries so far, and more than 80 million patients trust us every month. 130.000 specialists believe in us and our product, and so do leading venture capital funds such as Point Nine Capital, Goldman Sachs Asset Management and One Peak Partners. And yet, employing over 2.500 people all over the globe, we managed to keep the startup-mindset we started with over 10 years ago.
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What we offer

  • A salary adequate to your experience and skills.The range is broad so that we can accommodate our roles for all levels of experience, but we will show you the career ladder to explain where we see your skills and impact within the company". Your salary will be, now and always, 100% transparent to you
  • Share options plan after 6 months of working with us.
  • Remote or hybrid work model with or hub in Warsaw;
  • Flexible working hours (fully flexible, as in most cases you only have to be on a couple of meetings weekly);
  • 21/26 days of paid time off (depending on your contract);
  • Additional paid day off on your birthday or work anniversary (you choose what you want to celebrate).
  • Private healthcare plan with Signal Iduna for you and subsidized for your family.
  • Multisport card co-financing for you to have access to sports facilities across Poland.
  • Access to iFeel, a technological platform for mental wellness offering online psychological support and counseling.
  • 20% time rule: spend 20% of your working hours on your own growth;
  • Free English classes.


  • private medical care
  • remote work opportunities
  • flexible working time
  • integration events
  • Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)
  • English language classes

Recruitment stages

  • 1.
    30 min screen with Talent Acquisition Partner
  • 2.
    1h meeting with Hiring Manager and T.A. Partner
  • 3.
    Technical assignment to solve at home
  • 4.
    3h meeting to discuss the solution, get to know the team
  • 5.
    Offer call

Docplanner Tech

Welcome to the good side of tech 👋
You might have heard about us, but with a different name: ZnanyLekarz. It all started 10 years ago, when we asked ourselves: is anyone in healthcare thinking about patients? We jumped in and we empowered patients by giving them access to leave and read reviews about their visit. We then provided doctors with the technology to manage bookings easily and save time, so they could devote themselves to what they always wanted: treating patients. And today is the day in which we ask you: wanna join us in the next step of making the healthcare experience more human?
I apply to:
Docplanner Tech
Docplanner Tech
Warszawa, Kolejowa 5/7, Masovian (Poland)
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"Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie przez ZnanyLekarz sp. z o.o. z siedzibą w Warszawie ul. Kolejowa 5/7, 01-217 Warszawa podanych przeze mnie danych osobowych, w tym mojego wizerunku, dla potrzeb procesu rekrutacji. Oświadczam, że zapoznałam/em się z informacjami o przetwarzaniu moich danych osobowych przez ZnanyLekarz sp. z o.o. w związku z procesem rekrutacji."

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